Top 5 Doggy Donut Recipes

Today is National Cream Filled Donut day and, of course, donuts were shared between the MaxCare team... But then we realized our pups were being left out! So, we ran to the internet for some recipes and advice on making donuts for our doggos. Now that the day's almost over and you're about to head home and celebrate National Cream Filled Donut Day too, we decided to put together a list of the top 5 Doggy Donut recipes we could find in order to get your dog in the spirit to. Yes... we know they're not cream filled, but close enough right?

So... without further ado, here are the top five doggy donut recipes the MaxCare team could find on the web!

Disclaimer: This article includes links to recipes which may have ingredients your dog is allergic too. Along with this, certain brands of peanut butter and other ingredients contain chemicals which can be dangerous to dogs. Always consult with the ingredients list and know what your dog can and cannot ingest before making any recipe. If you have questions about what your puppy can't eat reach out to the MaxCare Veterinarians for more advice!

5. Duke's Doggie Donuts

Peanut butter and Bacon are the two main ingredients that make the flavourings of these magically delicious donuts! To get the full recipe, head here.

4. The Frosted Sprinkle

This next recipe is actually quite easy and uses "dog treat" icing as the main flavouring. Some may say this is cheating... but hey, our pup's thought it was pretty good! Find dog treat icing examples and the full recipe now!

3. The Pumpkin Donut

Our third recipe uses, as the name states, pumpkin as flavouring. Pumpkin is amazing not only because most dogs love it, but because it's great for their stomachs too! Pumpkin can help sooth upset stomachs in puppies, just make sure you use natural pumpkin, not flavoured fillers. Check out how to make these delicious pumpkin donuts now.

2. Apple Cinnamon Donuts

Our puppies absolutely love the Apple Cinnamon Doggie Donuts we put together for them. Definitely one of the top donut recipes we found. Although this recipe does take up a bit more time than some of the others, it's definitely worth it to see how happy it makes your pup. Check out the recipe here.

1. Strawberry Doggie Donuts

Finally, the best recipe we found online was the Strawberry Doggie Donut Recipe... This donut includes everything! Banana's, strawberries, honey (we even added some peanut butter to the recipe to really throw it over the edge). If you truly can't decide which recipe to make for your puppy, we highly recommend this one.