Puppy Management

People seem to think there is a "time" to start training. But you actually start training your puppy the moment you bring them home, whether you're aware of it or not. Puppy training isn't just about teaching them tricks, but rather how to behave for the rest of their lives. If not taken seriously, you can end up not being able to control your dog later on in life.

Rather than thinking of it as "training" we like to call it puppy managing. Managing your puppy's privileges and freedom along with teaching them how to behave is the crucial first step in puppy training. Most "bad behaviours" that a puppy displays come from a lack of management, not a bad dog. Remember that a puppy has no idea what is right and what is wrong, so you have to show them how to behave before they pick up bad habits. Some great first steps to managing your puppy right when you bring them home are...

Keeping them confined to a single room or area of the house. This DOES NOT mean locking them in a crate 24/7. What it means is, when you aren't paying attention to your pup, keep them on a lead or barricaded into one room of the house. Ensure there is enough room for them to play, but nothing they can get into or cause trouble with.

Discourage puppy biting when you start playing with your new puppy. Puppies interact with the world using their mouths and this means puppy biting. No matter what, at some point your puppy is going to give you or your clothes a little nip. This is completely normal and okay, but it is important to discourage the behaviour. Use toys as distractions, make a whelp or "ouch" noise when your puppy does nip you and if they get too aggressive remove yourself from the situation for a minute. It is important to discourage puppy biting early in order to avoid your puppy developing bad biting habits later on in life.

Monitor their freedom and allow them to SLOWLY earn more freedom. A common mistake that first time puppy owners will do is give their puppy access to the entire house or yard right away. This gives your puppy way more opportunities to get in to trouble and develop bad habits. Be sure to allow your puppy to slowly earn their freedom and your trust. If you have already made the mistake of giving too much freedom don't worry. Puppies can easily adjust to new rules you put in place so start limiting their freedom now.

The key thing to remember is that a puppy is not born good or bad... They develop their behaviour based on how they are being managed and what they are allowed to do. So, by starting your management/training the moment you bring your puppy home, you are setting them up to be the best dogs around!

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