Not in the House Please... 5 Tips to House Training your Pup

If you've brought home a puppy before, you know that your first challenge is going to be teaching it to go where you want it to... Dogs are smart creatures, but they are also animals of habit. This means that getting them into a routine of going outside as early as they can is important for long-term success. There are lots of tricks and tips out there to get your puppy peeing outside so we decided to collect the top five and put them together for you here!

1. Positive Reinforcement

It is very important to always reinforce good behaviour with your dog and this includes going outside. When you begin house training your pup be sure to use positive reinforcement such as praise or training treats in order to encourage them repeating the behaviour. Don't use negative reinforcement, remember that a dogs memory is a lot shorter than human's. If you catch your pup in the act, try to race them outside, but if you catch them after it happens your best bet is to clean up and try again later.

Negative reinforcement only works on some dogs... Positive reinforcement works on ALL dogs.

2. Be Consistent

Dogs are creatures of habit so when starting to house train your pup get into a routine with when and where you take them out. Try to have standard times that you always take your puppy outside such as, right after they eat, when you let them out of their crate, right when you wake up. Along with this, always let your puppy out the same door and bring them to a similar spot. These tricks will tell your puppy that it IS time to go when you take them out and encourages them to go to this door when they need to go next time.

3. Go with them

Too many times new puppy owners will be confused as to why their puppy won't pee when they let them out in the back yard. Leaving a dog outside by themselves can be confusing and scary, especially in a new environment. So a great starting point is to go out with your puppy and be sure to put business first. Don't go out for potty time and start playing with your puppy, they need to know that this is the time when they go to the washroom. Once they do go, ensure you use positive reinforcement and then you can start playing.

4. Clean up accidents quickly and thoroughly

Dogs tend to continue going in places that already smell like their washroom. So it is extremely important that when accidents happen (trust us they will) you clean them up right away. If you have carpet, ensure that you're using doing a deep clean with carpet cleaner so that no smells linger. If you wait to clean up, or don't clean up properly, any progress you have made could go completely to waste.

5. Be Patient

Every dog is different and takes a different amount of time to learn. Ensure you are patient with your puppy and take the proper steps to ensure they learn. Smaller dogs take longer to be house trained because they have smaller bladders. Although regular trips outside is an easy way to combat this. Some puppies can take up to 12 months to be fully house trained, while others learn it in a few weeks. The key it to be patient and let your puppy learn at their own pace. Rushing them or getting frustrated will only lengthen the process.

Remember that house training your puppy can be one of the biggest challenges when you get your new dog. Be sure, before getting a puppy, you have the time to teach them properly. Without the right amount of time and energy spent by you, your puppy will have a very hard time learning to go outside.

People seem to think there is a "time" to start training. But you actually start training your puppy the moment you bring them home, whether you're aware of it or not, know more on Puppy management at

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