Helping your Pup with Fireworks this Canada Day

It's Canada day and just like every other year fireworks are bound to be heard no matter what part of the country you're in... But what does that mean for your dogs?

Dogs don't know what fireworks are and they sure don't know what Canada day is. So when the pops start going off, their survival instincts kick into high gear! This is what causes the barking, whining, hiding and other anxious signs that dogs show when they're around fireworks. But don't worry, there are some sure fire ways to help keep your dog cool, calm and collected this Canada day...

Remove your puppy

If you know that you or a neighbour will be setting off fireworks this year the most effective, and probably most obvious, solution is to find other arrangements for your dog. Whether this means putting them in doggy day care for the night, having a family or friend watch them or finding other means for your puppy to be away from the noise tonight.

Make a safe space

When there is no way to remove your doggo from the situation, the next best thing to do is set up a safe space for you pup. You may already have one created based on the location of their crate. But, moving this to somewhere that is as isolated from the noise as possible will be an added bonus. Try setting up an area in the basement or in the middle of the house where your dog will feel comfortable and also hear the least amount of noise. Remember that comforting and keeping your dog happy is a top priority so don't just lock them in a room... Be sure to check on them when they're hiding and allow them to come and go into their safe space as needed.

Keep yourself calm

Dogs feed off of your energy. When you are anxious, excited or scared your dog will be too. This is why it is important to keep a level head and not get over excited during the show. If you can stay calm and collected, your dog is more likely to as well!

Distract your dog

Sometimes a simple distraction is enough to deter unwanted behaviour during fireworks. Try giving your dog a bone or special treat they can chew on during the show. This way, they may be too distracted with their special treat to even notice the fireworks in the background. This typically works the best with highly food motivated dogs.

No matter which method you try, the number one goal is to keep your dog calm. Adding additional stress to your dog, on a day where they are already seeing a lot of people and a lot is going on, is not what you want. So, by taking these precautions, you can help reduce your pups anxiety and stress when the fireworks start going off this evening.

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