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Pet-Conscious Workplace Benefits

Pet ownership has become commonplace, but often companies exclude the most significant member of the household from their compensation package.

MaxCare's offering is carefully crafted for employees who have pets.

All in @ $200/mth

Up to 100 employees

91% of people who work for a pet-friendly company trust their employer cares about their welfare and well-being.

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Our plans cover all employees


We cover employee households with multiple pets

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Unrestricted access to Licensed Veterinarians


Access to various types medical specialists


Chat, call, or video from any device


Preferred pricing at partner clinics

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24/7 around the clock coverage

The Perfect Perk


Demonstrate to your staff that you care for the well-being of their pets, who are also considered children by many. MaxCare supports all animals, whether they are a dog, a cat, a horse, or a lizard.

Improve Attendance

Did you notice that about half of staff use sick leave for veterinary appointments? MaxCare is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we can accommodate any schedule.

Show Flexability

A predetermined approach no longer reflects the demands or desires of today's workforce. MaxCare is a low-cost option that, in many situations, will have a positive return on investment.

Clear & Simple Pricing

MaxCare provides veterinarian telehealth credit packages to companies who want to provide their team members with advanced, cutting-edge incentives and benefits. Contact us today to hear more about the program's operation. Your staff - and their four-legged family members - would be grateful!

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We work with employers in US & Canada

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