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Turn missed calls into appointments

Increase visits and improve patient care. If your clinic is closed, the only choice for your local clients is to choose between the unreliability of Dr. Google and the expensive hassle of attending an emergency animal hospital. 

MaxCare helps in bridging this void.

Coverage starts at $249/mth

Total after-hours coverage for your clinic.

Why Clinics Love Us


Come First

If a situation is urgent, we can refer them to an emergency animal hospital associated with your practice or, if applicable transfer them to your on-call emergency veterinarian.

Reliable Coverage

MaxCare works as an extension to your veterinarian practice, providing your customers with immediate after-hour triage assistance in order to provide pet owners with secure, appropriate, and prompt evaluations of their pet's welfare.


If the pet's issue isn't urgent, our staff will email appointment requests to your practice or fill out your online appointment request forms directly from your clinic schedule and/or scheduling system.

We don't establish VCPR

MaxCare operates in tandem with and as an extension of your veterinarian clinic. MaxCare does not administer, diagnose, or recommend, nor does it build Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationships (VCPR). MaxCare is not intended to be a replacement for a physical inspection by the pet owner's veterinarian.

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Proven ROI

MaxCare provides the practises with Monthly Call Reports in addition to the retention and commitment that comes with providing your customers with 24/7 peace of mind with their pet welfare issues. These reviews contain call forms, pet health triage decisions, and an estimated ROI Summary, allowing you to map and mature MaxCare's added value.

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Increased Client Retension

On average, nearly two-thirds of MaxCare triage results do not necessitate immediate treatment. Sometimes, the pet owner will make an appointment over the internet to bring their pet in during regular business hours. This eliminates needless visits to the emergency room, lowering expenses, discomfort, and annoyance for your customers and their pets while increasing consultations and retention for your clinic - all without the expense of adding new employees or extending hours of service.

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Trusted Advice

All chats are handled by Licensed Veterinarians in their respective jurisdictions. Both MaxCare caregivers have at least three years of clinical experience, and many have advanced degrees. All specialists are given rigorous and continuous instruction in how to use Clinical Protocols, which are used to make high-quality and reliable triage decisions.

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