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Talk to a vet anytime, anywhere.

Skip unneeded Vet Visits! Instantly connect with Licensed Veterinarians for pet care from your phone, tablet, or computer - any time, 24/7.

MaxCare is a vet clinic in your pocket.

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Behavioural questions, concerns, aggression issues. Litter box issues for felines.


Dermitology concerns like rashes, itchiness and redness.

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Weight management and dietary concerns. Nutritional advice and consultations.


Minor cuts and wounds


Gastrointestinal, vomiting and diarrhea.

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Puppy and kitten wellness and housetraining guidance.


Overall pet health and wellness concerns.

Talk to a Vet Now

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How it works

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Describe your pet's symptoms through our app

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Chat with a veterinarian by text, audio or video

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Get professional medical advice as necessary

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Had a great experience with MaxCare. Heard back almost instantly from very professional vets and got the information we needed to help our cat with a nasal problem. Highly recommend this service.

Sam D. (MaxCare user since 2020)


All pet types and species


Pet emergency? Unsure of what to do? Connect with a Licensed Veterinarian in minutes. You'll be able to chat, use voice calling or video

+ Chat
+ Voice
+ Video
+ Detailed Care Plan

+ 3-Day Follow Up
+ 24/7 Access

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Personalized and tailored recipes for your pet's condition, with supplementation and lifestyle tips.

+ 12 Page fact finding questionnaires

+ 30 Min live consultation

+ Fresh feeding advice

+ Meal plan strategies with guidance, tips and supplement  recomendations

+ Receive your diet plan within 72 hours
+ 2 personalised home-cooked raw food recipes